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The Aux Band

After Dinner

The aux is the side-“homemade/jazz/lo-fi”-project of two friends: Elisa & Peppe.
Hailing from Catania (Italy) they share the same vision of music: freedom of expressions and the pure pleasure of play anything can produce sounds… They play in other bands: Elisa actually plays guitar and saxophone with Joe Lally of Fugazi, Peppe play the bass in Diane and the shell and in Trioclit and sometimes play alone the guitar and sing performing as “The dynamic Family”.
They believe in home recording and in the awesome, full of joy, state of mind induced by the music.
Their kickstart is the first self recorded album called “After Dinner”. Elisa bought a portable digital recorder and played drum, saxophone and guitar.
Peppe played keyboard and percussion, manipulated the sounds through tapes & footpedal and mixed all the stuff… Music is love, please enjoy 🙂


released January 1, 2011

elisa abela: guitar, sax and other stuff

giuseppe schillaci: keyboard, mixing and other stuff